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Live. Camera. Profit. Helping coaches master, market, monetize there message using Facebook Live.

 For coaches who want to attract sales and make money online - without cold calling or dealing with the “I can’t afford it” objection. Instead, learn how to draw and magnetize your dream clients that can afford you using proven attraction marketing strategies that helped me go from 0 to 12K months in brand-new business.

Hi, I’m Sherri Somers, Your Revenue Attraction Coach

I help life and business coaches who are just starting out learn how to market, master, and monetize their business so they can create a freedom lifestyle for their families and future.

Implement the work and expect results like these:

Sherri Somers_ Master, Market, Monetize

Master Your Facebook Lives.

Go from not showing up in the way you’re supposed to, to getting the tech and savviness you need to start attracting your dream clients and profits TO you with freedom and ease -- without the headache.

Market Your Facebook Lives.

Go from a few “likes” here and there to getting your calendar BOOKED with sales calls, plus the clarity and peace of mind from knowing how to overcome objections like a sales queen -- without coming across pushy or “salesy”.

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Monetize Your Facebook Lives.

Go from having to pump money into hosting your own events to hosting events paid for by event sponsors. And go from $0 in sales to getting your first paying clients and $2K (or more) a month from your coaching services.

Leave with the education and strategy you need to profit from your passion and create more stability and freedom for your family and future.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sherri!"

“Sherri Somers is so great to work with. During my strategy session with Sherri Somers, she gave me a strategy tip that generated $4,000 in my business that same week.


This is for you if...

  • You’re just starting out and new to business and you’re not sure where to start to go about making sustainable money online from your passion.

  • You’re good at what you do, but you need a high touch level of support and a bit of hand-holding to figure out the tech and discover what to do to build your business online from the ground up.

  • You’re tired of pumping your own money into your business to host events and taking food off the table from yourself and family, and instead, you’re ready to learn step by step how to get paid event sponsors and land your first paying 1:1 client.

  • You’re dropping the ball when it comes to getting the word out about your business and you’re ready for a clear blueprint you can follow to get your calendar booked with sales meetings.

  • You’re spending all of your time doing “the busy work” feeling overwhelmed with little to no results and you’re ready to learn and master “the profitable work” that leads to more sales, cash flow, and profits.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You don’t believe you can start making $2K (or more) in your coaching business.

  • You are just looking for the next shiny object and are not truly coachable or willing to implement the knowledge from the training.

  • You are not an action taker and are not willing to put some skin in the game or roll up your sleeves to clean up your foundation.

  • Coaching is only a hobby for you and you would rather work for free out of the kindness of your heart than learn how to start charging, attracting, and asking for your worth.

  • You are fine with the way things are and are not ready to do something different to get the results and transformation you say you desire.

Sherri Somers Testimonials

"I didn't realize that my marketing was crippled until I met Sherri."

Although I had created the Writing to Respond process (WTR) and most of its resources for almost a decade, very few people knew about them. I marketed to a select few based on an "I know you basis". I did not realize that my marketing was crippled until I met Sherri. She has taken the time to guide me on how to brand myself along with my products. Now I am more open to video interviews and social media presence and my reach is amazing. People from several regions are inquiring about WTR and my resources.  At this rate, I am confident that my business will move from existing to profitable.


what's included

  • Learn exactly what you need to prepare you to go live with Facebook.

  • The steps by step to follow to create and launch your campaign.

  • What to do to assess and optimize your campaign once they are running.

  • When the best time to go live is.

  • How to move from “likes” to paid “customers”.


Ready to get started?

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