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Mortgage  Life  Insurance

Is also known as Mortgage Protection Insurance. This is a policy that pays off the balance of your mortgage if you die. The death benefit of a normal life insurance policy goes to beneficiaries you choose, but for the Mortgage Life Insurance policy, the beneficiary is the mortgage lender, who will be paid the remaining balance of your mortgage. That means money does not go to your family with this type of life insurance.

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 Final  Expense Insurance

Is also known as Burial or Funeral Insurance and is popular with seniors. This is a type of whole life insurance designed to cover medical bills and funeral expenses when you die, but at a higher cost than the term Life Insurance. Life Insurance offers 10 times the coverage at a lower cost. If your age or health disqualifies you from getting traditional term coverage, a final expense policy is a good option.

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Supplement Income for Retirement Plan

Does your retirement plan include life insurance?

Supplement Income for Retirement Plan this could be a cash-value account grows over time and can be withdrawn as a source of income in retirement. And provided the amount withdrawn doesn’t exceed the amount you’ve paid in premiums, it’s not subject to taxes either. Permanent life insurance is a popularity as a retirement funding option due to pure economics.

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Permanent Life Insurance Policy

This is a Permanent Life Insurance Policy that uses the cash value component to help fund retirement. You don’t pay taxes on any withdrawals after you are 52 ½ years old, and cash gains are tax-deferred. Any permanent life insurance with cash value such as whole life insurance can help fund retirement.


About   Sherri  Somers

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I am a Financial Life Coach who helps women in business make more money, protect thier assest and feel DAMN good doing it.

As an entrepreneur, I help my clients understand the abilities and skills they have  within to mak money ANYTIME.

I revolutionize the way women in service-based businesses think about  making more money and how they attract money by giving them the blueprint  they need to turn their expertise into revenue—the kind that impacts both themselves and their audience. I am striving to help them increase  their earning power and build finanical confidence while using various viechles to protect their assets

- Sherri

PS – I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide to building passive income streams...

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About    Sherri   Somers

Sherri Somers is a Life Insurance Expert and the Founder of Sherri Somers Life Insurance Group where Your Revenue is My Business!

She believes that, now more than ever, we should take full charge of their financial future. Access to financial knowledge and information remains an essential part of the conversation, and that's why Sherri has dedicated herself to coach women in business on how to develop a healthy relationship with money, and most importantly, grow their revenue to six figures.

Over the last 5 years, she has coached hundreds of women professionals on leveling up their finances. Through application of financial discipline and unshakable faith, she has been privileged to walk with them every step of building financial confidence.

Through her expertise, Sherri has seen women start from very low earnings and diminished financial confidence, to consistently building up their revenue to six figures.

It's one thing to build financial confidence, and its another thing to secure your wealth and future. By helping women make more money, she also provides life insurance as an added vehicle to protect the money that they make.

She enjoys what she does because nothing beats the joy of seeing a financially empowered woman roll like the boss she is.

- Sherri

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