What are your thoughts about investments? 

And I mean real-life investments like a secured future, free from debt, and continued success in business.


Have you ever thought about these? 

Maybe you have but you lack the knowledge and means to properly support these endeavors and act on them. 

Don’t  worry. You’re  not  the  only  one. 

I, too, have been in your shoes. I used to bat an eye on life insurance, and let me tell you, not once did it make an appeal for me. I thought, “this doesn’t apply to my current situation right now.”


But that’s the thing…

Life insurance sets you up FOR LIFE. It prepares you for the future.
It’s an investment your present self makes, so that your future self will have something to thank you for. 

Deep inside, you know you want to do these things for you and your family.

And right now you maybe one (or all) of the following:

  • You want to know the type of life insurance for life and business
  • You are a successful woman but lacks the knowledge about benefits of life insurance
  • You want to increase your wealth portfolio
  • You want your life insurance policy to support your retirement and;
  • Make your money make more money

If  this  is  you,  I  have  something  for  you.

Prepare to make the investment of your life because above all these things, what I can tell you is I’m glad I made the right choice by investing and taking the leap. But first, you have to know EVERYTHING about life insurance

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Grab a seat at “The Ultimate Life Insurance Playbook Masterclass with Sherri Somers! For only $27 you can get your hands on

  • A brief history and types of life insurance
  • How life insurance works for your business
  • Why Go-Fund-Me is NOT Life Insurance
  • 3 common mistakes made by life insurance policy holders and;
  • How to obtain a life insurance policy for your family and business

Plus you also get a bonus LIVE Q&A session with me! 

In this Masterclass, I will walk you through the overlooked strategy of using life insurance to protect your family, business and build wealth. 

The time is now.  Let’s talk about it, learn about it, and prepare for it. 

Your  future  needs  you  today. 

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About    Sherri   Somers

Sherri Somers is the Founder and CEO of Sherri Somers Unlimited Services, INC where Your Revenue is HER Business!

She believes that women, now more than ever, should take full charge of their financial future. Access to financial knowledge and information remains an essential part of the conversation, and that's why Sherri has dedicated herself to coach women on how to develop a healthy relationship with money, and most importantly, grow their revenue to six figures or more

Over the last 5 years, she has coached hundreds of women professionals on leveling up their finances. Through application of financial discipline and unshakable faith, she has been privileged to walk with them every step of building financial confidence.

Through her expertise, Sherri has seen women start from very low earnings and diminished financial confidence, to consistently building up their revenue to six figures.

It's one thing to build financial confidence, and its another thing to secure your wealth and future. By helping women make more money, she also provides life insurance as an added vehicle to protect the money that they make.

She enjoys what she does because nothing beats the joy of seeing a financially empowered woman roll like the boss she is.

- Sherri

PS – I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide to building passive income streams...

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