Hi, I'm Sherri Somers - Financial Life Coach

A single mom and divorcee, the odds were stacked against me not to succeed. I challenge those odds and overcame them with great success. I’ve built a business from scratch and doubled my salary one month after leaving my career as an officer. From the day I #FiredMyBoss I have been a full-time Attraction Coach, helping #BossMoms and #BossLadies attract revenue, taking them from ZERO to a 6 figures business.

Before going full-time in business, I was just like you.

I had a 9 to 5, a family, and a dream that I was made for more. I worked in law enforcement full-time and part of that came with helping ex-offenders find jobs and become business owners.

In 2016, I was even invited to the White House by President Obama (and Michelle) after gaining national recognition from that re-entry program helping those who were in need earn a living. However, I didn’t just stop with helping others make money as a part of my day job, I took what I knew and applied it to my own efforts.

While working my 9 to 5, I started a property preservation business that generated over $85K a year (as a side-hustle). It was a great revenue stream, but being a mom, before I felt comfortable enough to take the leap, I was all about creating stability in my home and making sure I was properly educated about what I was doing and had the right strategy to attract consistent and sustainable profits so I could enjoy the freedom as my own boss. Fast forward a bit, my son passed out in school from an asthma attack.

That’s when things kicked into overdrive.


I knew then that I needed to pursue my business ideas with urgency so
I could be more present for my son NOW. In that moment, I took a leave of absence, worked on my coaching business idea I knew I had within me, and went from $0 to $12K in my coaching business in a matter of weeks, and haven’t returned to working my 9 to 5 ever since. I got visible, using the 2k Revenue Attraction Factor Blueprint and built my business one client at a time. I took my business from $2,000 to $12,000 in a few weeks. Am smart enough to know that you can't get to $12,000 without going through $2,000.

Then I saw a need... I realized that in order to build generation wealth, you have to  know how to attract revenue and protect revenue for future legacy. I became an insurance expert so I can help you, make more money, protect your assets and feel DAMN good doing it.

I serviced 49 states and I am ready to help you.

I know there are other women bosses and beginner online business coaches out there who want to take a chance on their dreams but are afraid because they don’t know the steps.


I want to show you how to master, market, and monetize your service business using the exact same blueprint.

If you’re investing A LOT of time and money into your business, but don’t yet know how to make it profitable, then I want to help you through either help you get to your first $100k  (or more) in -- but only if you’re ready, and only if it feels like I’m the one who can help you through.

Life insurance has the power to build wealth. It's not just a death benefit.

As a coach, driving meaningful transformation for your clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job. Whether you’re a  coach, or business professional, helping others achieve their goals goes hand in hand with living out your purpose as an entrepreneur.

I focused on promoting mental health awareness to build confidence and healthy relationships in order to support the growth of any business owner. There comes a point for every services-based business when you need to keep your calendar consistently fills up so you can grow your business. After all, without clients, it's impossible to scale your business.

Marketing your business incorrectly would risk over-commitment and burnout. You are a coach, educator or services-based business who wants to grow your business, so you feel fulfilled (and have the freedom and financial rewards you desire), but you don’t want it at the expense of your freedom! If you can relate, you’re not alone.

Many clients find themselves tapped out from lack of visibility and unclear about their message and are looking for ways to scale. Thankfully due to technology, you have options! Whether you are brand new to marketing your business or want to know how to package your brilliance and expertise,  you’re in the right place. 

 Ready to Build Generation Wealth?