It's Time to Make More Moeny and  Feel  Damn Good  Doing it !

Hi, It's Sherri Somers, Founder and CEO of Sherri Somers Unlimited Services where Your Revenue is My Business! I help femal business professionals unappologetically make more money, secure thier assets  and feel amazing doing it. .

Our mission is to help you Attract $100K or More, Period!

Grab My Hidden Secrets to Energize Your Sale Masterclass Now.

Attention Female Business Professional: This is for YOU!

"Energize Your Sale Masterclass

This masterclass is to help you make more money and feel good doing it.

Master the 5M Model

using the power of high level thinking!
It’s time to Package Your Brilliance and Ship it to the World!

Hidden Secrets to Energize Your Sale.

Are You the “Best Kept Secret” in your industry?

Have you ever struggled to connect with your target audience in an authentic way, one that…


  • Positions you as an expert in your field, delivering financial solutions that create generational wealth.
  • Creates awareness of your expertise, so your target audience know how and where to find you and exchange their dollars for your services and solutions
  • Positions your products and services as the real solution to a real problem in your industry

As Your  Financial Life Coach, I’m here to help you!

At the begining stage of any business requires a different stratgey and thinking process.

It's Sales Mastery  and High Level Thinking!

These Skills Include:

  • Make Money From High Level Thinking
  • Less Action More Being
  • Clean Selling


As the preferred  Financial Life Coach to high-six figure earners looking to make seven-figures…I believe wealth starts "Inner"! I teach the #bossladies inside of how to tap into their fierce feminine power, and use it to dominate in their industry in a way that creates true freedom and stability!


Once you have mastered our 5M Model you’ll never see sales as sleazy or grimy again! You’ll learn how to attract revenue into your business confidently and effortlessly!


Get ready to add a few ZEROS to your bottom line!

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Building a business that generates consistent revenue can be challenging, especially as a female professional  who's getting more No’s than Yes’s when pitching your services...I know, it’s sooooo frustrating!

Trust me I understand.

Many of the clients we serve come to us because they are tapped out, burnt out, and looking for ways to increase their revenue streams.

They lack clarity, visibility, scalability.

They aren’t sure how to increase sales, so they do all the actionable things, but yet no sales.

This is because sales is a about more "being" and less  "Action" .

Sounds Crazy right?

That’s where Financial Life Coach Sherri Somers  enters the scene with her  5M Module inside her program designed with YOU in mind!

The modules  are designed to address every single foundation and skill that will help you MAKE MORE MONEY THAN EVER AND FEEL DAMN GOOD DOING IT.

Whether you’re a brand-new , or an experienced…you’re in the right place!

Where other female entrepreneurs just like you join together to learn, grow, and support one another.

This masterclass is for female business professionals who are taking action to make sales but fail to see the results.

If this is you, it's time to power up your sale. and learn proven spiritual and revenue strategies to help them THRIVE in their life and business!

Where FEMpreneurs learn the power of their feminine energy and allow the overflow of prosperity


Come on over, Let’s Go to a Higher Level Together!

How can I help you grow?


This Bundle System is tried and tested system that will help coaches generate leads within 30 days without overspending on ads.


Are you ready to see your calendar full of dream clients? Learn how to master, market, and monetize using Facebook Lives.

This is a 1-year group coaching & mastermind training to equip financial educators on how to spread their financial knowledge and expertise.

Master, Market, & Monetize Your Message by leveraging the power of video marketing!

“Sherri Somers is Awesome! LIVES work, if you work them right!” – Sherry V.

“After being in business for 7 years, and treating it like a hobby…God sent me Sherri to help completely turn my business around. Her $2K program has completely transformed my business by taking me out of my shell and teaching me how to show up as the authority in my field.” – Kiwana D.T.

“After working with Sherri Somers for 1 week, I made my first sale. I thank Sherri Somers for your hard work in implementing the strategies, following up with me and guiding me through every step.” - Kaydian C.