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Hi, It's Sherri Somers, Founder and CEO of Sherri Somers Unlimited Services where Your Revenue is My Business! I help women who are the key person in thier business to unapologetically make more money, protect thier assets  and feel amazing doing it. .

Our mission is to help females in finance build their CREDIBILITY, COMMUNITY AND CASH FLOW   and without sacrificing their family time. 

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"The Community for Female Financial Professionals Who Wants to  Generate Leads and Make Money Consistently Without Sacrifing their  Soul"

  • You want to know the type of life insurance for life and business
  • You are a successful woman but lacks the knowledge about benefits of life insurance
  • You want to increase your wealth portfolio
  • You want your life insurance policy to support your retirement.

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This masterclass is for female business professionals who wants to learn how life insurance can help them build wealth and plan for a better financial future.

If this is you, it's time to power up your sale. Learn exactly what policy is best for you and your business.

Where FEMpreneurs learn the power of their feminine energy and allow the overflow of prosperity


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Inside the group we reveal how to build your credibility, community and cash flow so you never have to worry about where your next lead is coming from again.


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Video marketing is a game changer for attracting clients to your business.   You no longer have to buy leads or cold call strangers. Learn how to create video content that educates your ideal clients and get them to say "Yes" to your product.

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Are You an experienced  Insurance Agent or Financial Professional that needs help in growing your financial business without sacrificing your family time?

If the answer is yes, then Joyful Tribe Builder Academy is for you. Using our JTBA framework, we help female agents build a magnetic brand by leveraging community and high value conversation that create consistent cash flow. JTBA is high value premium coaching for Insurance Agents & Financial Pros

Our Mission: Where Female Agents Learn How to Move from Agent to CEO.

“Sherri Somers is Awesome! LIVES work, if you work them right!” – Sherry V.

“After being in business for 7 years, and treating it like a hobby…God sent me Sherri to help completely turn my business around. Her $2K program has completely transformed my business by taking me out of my shell and teaching me how to show up as the authority in my field.” – Kiwana D.T.

“After working with Sherri Somers for 1 week, I made my first sale. I thank Sherri Somers for your hard work in implementing the strategies, following up with me and guiding me through every step.” - Kaydian C.