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Hi, I'm Sherri Somers - Your Revenue Attraction Coach!

Before going full-time in business, I was just like you.

I had a 9 to 5, a family, and a dream that I was made for more. I worked in law enforcement full-time and part of that came with helping ex-offenders find jobs and become business owners.

In 2016, I was even invited to the White House by President Obama (and Michelle) after gaining national recognition from that re-entry program helping those who were in need earn a living. However, I didn’t just stop with helping others make money as a part of my day job, I took what I knew and applied it to my own efforts.

While working my 9 to 5, I started a property preservation business that generated over $85K a year (as a side-hustle). It was a great revenue stream, but being a mom, before I felt comfortable enough to take the leap, I was all about creating stability in my home and making sure I was properly educated about what I was doing and had the right strategy to attract consistent and sustainable profits so I could enjoy the freedom as my own boss. Fast forward a bit, my son passed out in school from an asthma attack.

That’s when things kicked into overdrive.


I knew then that I needed to pursue my business ideas with urgency so
I could be more present for my son NOW. In that moment, I took a leave of absence, worked on my coaching business idea I knew I had within me, and went from $0 to $12K in my coaching business in a matter of weeks, and haven’t returned to working my 9 to 5 ever since. I learned the power of Facebook Live videos, having a great message and delivering your message to the right market has made me successful to dominate my space.


I know there are other moms and beginner entrepreneurs out there who want to take a chance on their dreams but are afraid because they don’t know the steps.

I want to show you how to master, market, and monetize your coaching business using the exact framework I use to create a freedom lifestyle for my family and my future.

If you’re investing A LOT of time and money into your business, but don’t yet know how to make it profitable, then I want to help you through either my Unlimited Success Academy, 12-Week Group Coaching Program to help you get to your first $2K in coaching through live Facebook videos-- but only if you’re ready, and only if it feels like I’m the one who can help you through.

 Ready to get make your first $2K   (or more) starting this month?

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